Fitness Plus is offering an essential tool as part of your overall benefits package -- a comprehensive Wellness Program designed to improve your employees’ health, well-being, and productivity.
The Wellness Program will help employees:
• Access tools and resources they need to help them reach their health improvement goals;
• Enjoy better health and quality of life;
• Reduction of long term medical costs;
• Increase knowledge about health matters, explore fun ways to eat healthier;
• Improve level of physical fitness, and more.
Your Organizational Benefits
• Healthier employees = happier, more productive employees;
• Longer retention of aging, knowledgeable employees;
• Reduced employee absenteeism and turnover;
• Reduced healthcare costs and workers’ compensation costs.

We are so pleased to open the doors of our 5,500 sft Health Club for you and welcome you to use the exceptional and superior equipments present at our gym. Chevron Bangladesh is our corporate client under our Wellness Program. Fitness Plus Gym is a mark of excellence and can accommodate about 70 members at the same time. We are also able to give overall service at a day about 450 members. We have qualified instructor from Australia. It is our absolute pleasure to know that your corporation would like to take advantage of our qualified instructors for physical fitness and wellbeing.


Bulk and Bundle membership plan for corporate clients

 Description of Professional Services

Fitness Plus shall provide ‘Bulk Memberships’ and ‘Bundle Memberships’ of an air-conditioned gymnasium facility with 5,500 square feet floor space to Future enlisted users as “non-exclusive to Your Company” basis. Bulk Membership is defined as a multiple membership from the same company, where every one of the group obtaining the membership will get equal benefit from the entity providing the membership without any restriction. In other words, the Bulk membership card is transferable to any user. Bundle Membership is defined as a restricted membership where only a particular group obtaining the membership will get benefit from the entity providing the membership. It is a non transferable card.
1. Facilities to Use: Fitness Plus shall provide access to following facilities:

Primary Facility:
Fitness Plus
4th floor, Habib Super Market, 50 Gulshan South Avenue,
Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212

Additional Facility:
Fitness Plus
1st floor, House No-23, Road-18, Block-A,
Banani, Dhaka-1213

2. Hours of Operation:
06:00 am – 12:00 pm (everyday, we have no holidays)

3. Timing: Fitness Plus shall allow Company’s enlisted users to use facilities as per following schedule:


Description Male Female Days Covered
Free Hand Section (Aerobics and Yoga) 06:00 am–12:00 pm 06:00 am–12:00 pm Every day of a week including weekends

(We have no Holidays)

Gymnasium Section (cardio, strength, free weight) 06:00 am–12:00 pm 06:00 am–12:00 pm
Sauna In Demand In Demand
Steam Bath 06:00 am–12:00 pm 06:00 am–12:00 pm

4. Days of access: Company’s enlisted users shall have access to the facilities 365 days a year.

5. A. Membership numbers for Bulk: Fitness Plus shall provide different bulk membership offer to your Company with the intention to provide the service to the facility to all of the Company’s enlisted users. The membership card can be transferable for multiple users, however, with a limited numbers of users. For example, if the company buys 20 Bulk Membership cards, then any 20 members of that company can use those cards.

B. Membership numbers for Bundle: Bundle Membership cards are for fixed users with the member’s name written on the card. Fitness Plus shall provide bundle membership offer to your Company which starts from minimum group of 50 members and maximum group of 100 members. For example, if a company buys 50 Bundle Membership cards, then only those members with their name on the card can access the facility.

6. Number of members to access a day: From Effective Date, Fitness Plus shall provide access according to the Bulk Membership and Bundle Membership Options ( see below the membership fee) the Company has chosen, and shall have access to the facilities on a single day under provided memberships.

7. Attendance Register:

Fitness Plus shall maintain an attendance register to log the attendance of Company’s enlisted users containing, but not limited to, Date, Name, Time of entry, Time of exit and Signature.
8. Maintenance and Trouble-shooting Time Frame:

8.1 Fitness Plus shall inspect all the mechanical and electrical equipment of the facility, including air-conditioning and geyser, every day to identify problems to be taken care of to keep the equipment in running condition.
8.2 In case of mechanical/electrical fault of any equipment, the equipment shall be ceased from usage and replaced/ repaired within a month from the date of the fault identification.
8.3 Any utility disruption including, but not limited to, ventilation and air conditioning shall be addressed immediately and the interruption shall be resolved in a single day.

9. Safety Requirement:

9.1 Floor of the facility shall be of non-skid/ anti-slip materials. Walls of the Gymnasium are sound absorption materials to keep the facility noise free.
9.2 All electrical equipments are supported with stabilizer and UPS to avoid sudden disruption.
9.3 Smoking is prohibited inside the facility.
9.4 Equipment usage guidelines are attached with equipment by Fitness Plus at visible location to avoid awareness related injuries.
9.5 Gymnasium facility is adequately illuminated.
9.6 Fumigation is performed by Fitness Plus once in every three months.
9.7 Gymnasium facility is under CCTV surveillance and Fitness Plus is in co operation in case of any incident by providing footage to Company.
9.8 Fire extinguisher is provided by Fitness Plus at appropriate locations of the Gymnasium and shall be regularly checked and replaced before expiration date.
9.9 One First-Aid box is kept by Fitness Plus at Gymnasium and maintains basic medicines and dressing items.

10. Additional Requirement:

10.1 Fitness Plus provides separate changing room provision for Male and Female.
10.2 Fitness Plus provides separate shower facility with geyser connection for Male and Female.
10.3 Fitness Plus Provides general instruction to support throughout operating hours.
10.4 Temporary lockers are provided by Fitness Plus to keep belongings of Company enlisted users.
10.5 Generator support for basic utilities i.e. lights, fans, elevator, etc.

Can be agreed after negotiation.
Can be agreed after negotiation.



Basis of Compensation. The compensation payable by Company to Fitness Plus for the performance of the Services is set out below.
A price change may be made to a catalog that is administered in Company’s electronic system. Full compensation to be paid by Company to Fitness Plus is contingent upon complete performance of the applicable Services by Contractor (Fitness Plus), in compliance with all of the terms and conditions of the Contract. The compensation payable by Company to Contractor for the performance of the Services shall be set forth in the electronic invoicing/cataloging system. The rates set forth in the electronic invoicing/cataloging system are firm.

Membership Fee is negotiable