Gym Equipment exports, import, supplier, & Consultant.
Service Provider about Fitness Club or GYM.

Service Type or Category-
It’s a one kind of Social Business.


1. GYM Development and Planning.
2. Instrument Development.
3. New gym Instrument, steam, Sauna, Provide & settings.
4. Second hand Instrument buyers & seller.
5. Materials Sourcing.
6. Personal Training and/or Trainer Provide.
7. Materials Sourcing.
8. GYM Business Development.

Our target Customers-

1. Personal.
2. School.
3. College.
4. University.
5. Any Private Organization.
6. Any Societal Organization.
E. I. (Potential Market, Potential Place, Customer Segmentation, Business Policy, Branding, Marketing etc.)

House 23, Road 18, Block A, (Near Banani koborsthan) Banani. Dhaka.
Phone; 01715-586705, 01677-896-525, Email-:ma.alam66@yahoo.com